Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking To Hire The Services Of A Massage Therapist

Life is always better when you are loosened up – pain goes away, stiff joints are made more mobile, and stress goes down. You certainly would love to have a massage, but are quite apprehensive about where you will go to get started. With tons of people out there calling themselves massage therapists, differentiating between a professional and a quick can be quite hard.

What’s the realistic rate for massage therapist services?

Are in the Northern Virginia Area and looking for a Herndon Virginia Massage therapy service? Then this blog will give the exact steps you need tot take to find prices that are never standard and range depending on whether one has the massage done in a spa, studio, or if his/her therapist travels to his/her home. The realistic rate for these services if normally around $1/minute of massage, including traveling expenses. However, if the therapist provides additional therapies like aromatherapy with paraffin treatments for arthritis, hot towels, sugar scrubs, etcetera, then you should expect the price to be quite higher. Just make sure that you confirm your therapist’s fees before booking him or her.

What are some of the questions that one should ask before booking a therapist?

When looking for a therapist to hire, it is advisable that you ask if he or she is currently licensed. Also, consider asking them if they specialize in the kind of massage you are looking to get, and also ask about their experience.

Are massage therapists required to hold special certification to practice?

Many states have now made it mandatory for massage therapists to be certified or licensed before they can practice. This means that the state will require massage therapists to take a certain amount of continued education before they can have their license renewed. It is important that you do not assume that someone is licensed, rather, do your best to confirm it with them before booking.
If you are getting a professional massage Herndon Virginia for the first time, your therapist may ask you a couple of questions related to the type of massage you would like to receive, the amount of pressure to be applied during massage, if you have any sensitivities or injuries, and if you have any massage experience. Based on the answers you provide – are there any injuries being addressed or are you looking for a particular type of massage? – Your therapist will advise you on how to lay or sit on the table. The most important thing as a first timer is that you should feel respected by the therapist and should be comfortable around him or her.

What are the differences between going to a studio and a house call?

At a studio, the therapist has more resources at her disposal – that means that you can get to enjoy such things as hydrotherapy, hot stones, etcetera. A house call, on the other hand, provides the ease of having relaxation and full body healing therapy come and know on your door. But it depends on what you are after at the end of the day.

What should clients know before booking a massage?

It is important to understand that massage therapists are professional service providers, and customers should expect them to treat them as such. When considering professional massage, it is important that you speak up, and ask as many questions as possible. For a massage to be effective, communication is essential. Also, it is important to note that if a service is dirt cheap, then you better think twice as it probably will not have the experience or quality you want.

When looking to hire the services of a professional massage therapist, considering the information presented here could help ease things for you. It is, therefore, advisable that you ask some of these questions before making any decision.

04 May 2016

Why Everyone Should Learn The Gentle Art Of Giving A Great Massage

Of course, there are a ton of reasons why you should learn how to give good massages to your spouse, it helps them relax, clears their mind, relieves stress, and invigorate their soul. But the real reason is that when you’re finished giving a great massage, you’ll feel empowered like no other time in your life. You’ll be full of energy, and you’ll have the confidence that no matter what, you can bring the utmost pleasure, comfort and relaxation to another human being that you care about. Now that’s power.

The Best Massages Start At The Feet

Let’s face it, you stand, walk and run on your feet all day long. They take the pounding and heat of the hot pavement and still don’t let you down. You owe it to your legs to treat them to a good massage, at least once in a while, right?

There are better reasons for starting a whole body massage at the feet. Many of the nerve endings in the feet get ignored while they’re being abused all day long, and they need to be reinvigorated by good quality, slow massage. That will get the blood flowing to parts of the feet that get restricted and cramped by tight shoes, then pressured by heavy loads.

If you want to do justice to the feet of your loved one, start by giving their tired worn out feet a foot bath that includes herbs and essential oils. Then, use a good quality lotion to help soften the skin and relax the muscles. A good foot massage will always come with cream to work the muscles without pausing at the pressure points of the feet.

The Legs And Calves Are Always In Need Of Care

When you carefully examine most people’s calves, you’ll notice that the muscles there are extremely hard and tight. Then, if you look at their shins, you’ll see old scars, and rough spots from years of being hit as they walk around obstacles in their daily routines, barely noticing the pain.

Any good massage will include plenty of time loosening up the muscles of the calves and restoring blood flow to the entire lower leg area. Blood can tend to pool there when we stand for extended periods of time, and a massage is a perfect answer to a long day standing or walking.

When You Perform A Back Massage Pay Special Attention To Muscles

One mistake that many beginners tend to make when giving massages is that they spend too much time working on the bones or rubbing the skin. This can be painful, and has less benefit than working the muscles. Included with the muscles are the tendons, blood vessels, and lymph ducts that all need a good working out to force the fluids, blood, and toxins to get moving. This helps promote longevity in addition to helping relaxation.
If it’s a cold time of year, take the time to warm up some good lotion by placing the cup in some hot water before applying, this will eliminate the shock that cold cream or cold hands can have and also add to the relaxing comfort of the massage.

Giving great massages is an art, but showing that you care enough to give them on a regular basis is a sign of love. The more you give, the better you’ll get, and by studying techniques you learn on the internet, you will soon become an expert in popular demand.

02 May 2016